Innovative Ideas to Boost Taproom Foot Traffic

In today’s competitive hospitality space, simply having a great beer selection is no longer enough to draw in customers. To truly thrive, breweries need to get creative and offer unique experiences and an environment that keeps patrons coming back for more.

One key strategy is increasing foot traffic to your taprooms, let’s chat about some innovative ideas outside of bingo and trivia, to help you achieve just that.

You may say you are family friendly, but have you really considered how families integrate into your space? Creating spaces where kids can have fun while adults enjoy their craft brews is an easy way to ensure families feel comfortable in your venue. Consider setting up a play area with games, colouring books, and kid-friendly snacks and drinks. Happy children mean relaxed parents who are likely to stay longer.

On quieter days and evenings, offer your taproom as a free meeting space for professional groups. This provides value to the community and encourages regular visits. With the increase in co-working spaces, there is a great opportunity to advertise your space as an alternative meeting venue. I have heard of a brewery offering “teacher happy hours” say between 3:30 – 5:30pm, with snack and drink specials, attracting local educators – some are holding their staff meetings at the venue – pretty sure teachers would love this idea!

Many breweries have started community markets which are very popular – getting the frequency right for these will be important to ensure repeat customers. Forging partnerships with local businesses, especially those aligned with a cause, like dog adoption, can be a great way to keep your brewery visible to the local community. And of course, these partnerships not only give back to the community but also attract new faces to your taproom.

Movie-themed nights with dress ups encouraged and perhaps even renaming beers after film references can be a hit. Research local enthusiast groups – come for the movie, stay for a few beers!

You all have an ability to make an event out of your limited releases or special brews. Have ‘fresh Fridays’ or limited releases on the same day every week/fortnight or month can help generate excitement and repeat visits. Of course, you will need to use your social media channels to build anticipation and hype around these unique brews and events.

Increasing foot traffic to your brewery taproom requires innovation and a commitment to enhancing the customer experience. By implementing some creative ideas and considering the frequency of events in your taproom program, you can ensure that your brewery becomes a thriving hub for the community, where patrons return time and time again for exceptional beer and unforgettable experiences.