Crafting Innovative Sales Solutions

With consumers’ expectations changing rapidly, breweries are seeking innovative ways to engage their consumers and stay ahead of the curve. The key to success lies in seamlessly blending traditional experiences with modern trends.

Let’s explore some creative solutions that breweries can adopt to meet these changing demands and thrive in this dynamic landscape.

Sustainability is no longer a choice; it’s a necessity. Consumers appreciate brands that are committed to a greener future. Show your customers your sustainable practices, responsible sourcing of ingredients and renewable energy endeavours.

Sustainability is intertwined with hyperlocal – restaurants had a whole movement to promote food miles.. Drinking beer at the source is not only good to showcase the quality of the beer, but reduces carbon footprint with no transportation costs – reward your local customers who frequent your taprooms and breweries, remind them they are contributing lessening environmental impacts.

Building a strong local presence can create loyal customers who will become ambassadors for your brand. You can engage them by hosting events, tastings and brewery tours. Don’t be blase about the power of your customers walking into a brewery, maybe for the first time. It is exciting to see where their favourite beer is brewed – be sure to share their enthusiasm when you show them.

Speaking of your taprooms – having a comfortable, inviting environment, enhancing the customer experience with well trained and engaging staff will make the visit to your brewery memorable and keep customers coming back. This is all within your control.

The UK has reported on average 27% of an independent brewery’s income now comes from sales direct to consumers via their taprooms, brewery shop or online. Are you capitalising on the increasing demand for takeaway options?

Remind your customers they can have the brewery experience at home. Make it easy for them – offer customer led mixed packs, fresh growler fills and exclusive cellar door releases. Take this one step further and create a sense of exclusivity by offering limited-edition beers that are only available at the brewery – but be sure to promote these through your social media channels to draw your customers in.

Having an online presence these days is essential – your customers are tech-savvy and want more information at their fingertips than ever before. Think of ways you can benefit from this – provide QR codes so customers can scan products for more detailed information, links to videos of the beers being created, where they can read reviews or access exclusive discounts and promotions. You have a captive audience if you can engage them!

Breweries that adapt to changing consumer expectations and preferences are the ones that will thrive. There is a great opportunity to craft a future that is not only creative but also sustainable and customer-centric. Cheers to the exciting journey ahead for breweries!