The Great Resignation

Although we made it through what was undoubtedly one of the toughest times for breweries and hospitality, the pandemic is now responsible for instigating a mass exodus of workers. The Great Resignation or Great Burnout – whatever you would like to call it – we can be sure it is not at all great for the industries affected. Unfortunately, the brewing industry seems to be one of them. Whether it was shining a light on the lesser advantageous aspects of the industry or just its dependence on those fickle consumers, the industry is experiencing a challenging period to attract and retain staff.

A recent revival of craft industries has been attributed to the movement of disaffected middle-class workers seeking less conventional jobs. Brewing craft beer is one of these industries. It offers authenticity, creativity and a hands-on connection to production. And this is supported by enthusiastic consumers who love nothing more than searching out, talking about and of course, consuming the product.

Why is it that the craft beer industry is not benefiting from the Great Resignation?

It appears that even the perks and appeal of working in a brewery may not be enough. For some the unconventional work environment is a welcome relief, for others the informal working conditions or perceived lack of policy protection is too risky. Understanding the motivation of your workers – what is it that drives your employees to work for your company.

While it may be some time before we see how the pandemic has reshaped industries or affected the livelihoods of the workers within them, we need to make brewing a better opportunity.

It is an all-in passion career. With many working long hours and wearing many hats. Whilst this may seem difficult for smaller breweries to avoid, structured roles and professional development will always help to improve employee experience and ultimately, retain your staff.

Without getting into the underlying culture of the brewing industry, an appreciation of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in the workplace is a sure-fire strategy to attract staff into brewing.

Diversity brings a broad range of skills and experience to your team, and has been shown to boost creativity and innovation. Brands that display their diverse credentials is not merely a feel good move anymore. It is an increasingly important key to success for breweries. A future topic to be covered all on its own in an upcoming blog post – coming soon.

What is certain is that the brewing industry is full of passionate, hardworking and creative people. With the maturity of the industry and consideration of breweries to centre employee wellness, we can ensure our customers that we can keep the beer flowing.

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