NoLo. Giving Everyone a Seat at the Bar

Beer remains one of the most beloved beverages across the world. The ultimate equaliser and social lubricant that brings people together and bonds us all. Heading down to the pub for a beer is as much about the experience and sense of community from drinking together, as it is about the beer.

Up until recently, if you weren’t drinking at the pub for whatever reason, you were considered ‘strange’, an outsider perhaps. This was made even more apparent when your only drink option was a soft drink.

Having a soft drink in hand isn’t nearly as effective in reinforcing that sense of bonding and connection. So this is where no alcohol beer can and is playing an essential part in giving everyone a seat at the table, a stool at the bar.. a voice in the conversation. And whilst your brewery may not currently or have the intention to brew a NA beer, it’s important to have a NA offer in your taproom for those who are wanting that social interaction, but just not the booze. This enables and encourages a sense of inclusion and not having to justify their choice to not drink to their mates.

How do you welcome these consumers into your brewery or bar? By treating your NA option(s) exactly the same way as you would your own beers. Present them nicely, provide some style options and show them the same love and respect as your full strength offers.

The NoLo segment is not just about On Premise though. For those breweries who are packaging a NA beer offer, it’s important to note that our research tells us that 58% of consumers are drinking full strength and no or low alcohol on the same occasion – this provides some great opportunities for how you retail your beers! In the UK, breweries are releasing mixed NA and full strength 4 and 6 packs specifically to cater for this consumption behaviour and occasion.

Heineken have capitalised on the Dry January/July phenomenon by packaging their Heineken 0.0 in a 31 x can pack as a seasonal release… a non alc beer for each day of the month!

Thinking cleverly about how you can provide a welcoming attitude to these consumers will be sure to deliver some great rewards.

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