Gen Z’s are all Grown Up!

It’s hard to believe that the oldest cohort of Gen Z’s are turning 28 this year. They have been legally able to consume alcohol for 10 years already, yet they are still seen as the youngsters (Gen Alpha’s are now our youngest generation). Gen Z’s are fast becoming the generation with the greatest purchasing power and we believe that tapping into this generation is key to the future of beer.

Known as “digital natives’, Gen Z’s have grown up in a completely digital age, they are immersed in technology and getting online is essential when looking to reach and influence this generation. They heavily rely on online communities and peer reviews to make purchase decisions. They are also know as ‘Generation Moderation’… they drink for sociability, not to get sloshed.

So, the big question… is your brand talking to, resonating with or even considering this consumer group in your marketing? Whilst they are not the largest consumers of craft beer (Beer Cartel tells us that 18-29’s account for appx 13% of craft beer consumption), they are certainly an opportunity that, if targeted well, could become valuable lifetime consumers and advocates of craft beer.

In terms of what’s important to Gen Z’s, trust is absolutely key as is authenticity. They are dubious about influencers and will respond far better to organic and more subtle content. The internet is of course key and they heavily curate their online images. They have been shaped by not only the digital era but also are extremely aware of the climate impact, the tenuous financial landscape and of course, Covid 19. They want to be seen, to be and believe they are contributing to helping stop climate change and are incredibly socially progressive. Sustainability is huge for them.

Some fun facts; 90’s music is the most popular music genre for Gen Z’s, Gen Z reports spending on average 1:46 hours per day on music streaming services – the most time spent of any generation, they are also huge fans of Anime. They are also looking for brands to be a combination of funny and traditional, with innovative and trendy now less important.

We have highlighted Gen Z’s in our NoLo report, given they are some of the largest consumers of NoLo (they are the Generation Moderation, after all!). Control is key to this generation as they are ultra-aware of their image and the reach/impact social media can have in their lives. It’s time, if you are not already, to really consider this intriguing generation when putting your marketing and brand plans in place. The future is bright, the future is Gen Z!

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